Cold-smoked Fish

Cold-smoked fish is prepared at a temperature up to 40°C. While manufacturing such fish, we undergo it the process of salting, then soaking and smoking at the end. The smoking itself lasts for 8-12 hours. The process occurs in the special smokehouse and involves substances of incomplete combustion of wood.

This fish has a golden color and firm texture. Unlike the hot smoked fish, the cold-smoked product has stronger taste and smell. Such process of preparation significantly prolongs the shelf life of the product due to the preserving properties of the smoke itself.

Cold-smoked fish is pre-packaged in the film bags with vacuum packing or without it.

Norwegian merchants were the first who introduced the salted and smoked fish to Europe in the 11th century. It was their main food product.   They mostly ate the herring. The Slavs found it rather tasty and tenderly called it “oseledchyk”. Since that time, the fish has got into so good graces that we can hardly imagine any feast without it.