Hot-smoked fish

Hot-smoking method is the quickest way to smoke fish. The hot-smoked fish is prepared at rather high temperatures from 60°C to 130°C. The fish should be salted, dried, steamed and treated with smoke from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Thus, the fish is not only undergone the smoking but roasting as well.  Accordingly, the shelf life of such fish is considerably less than that of the cold-smoked fish.

It is an obvious advantage that VOMOND enterprise applies the natural sawdust from the certain breeds of wood during smoking, without any aromatic flavouring, preservative, stabilizing, colouring and other food additives. We do not use the smoking fluids in our production process. Therefore, no one who likes our product will remain indifferent to the aroma and delicious taste of our smoked fish.

You can distinguish a real smoked fish from a fake one filled with “liquid smoke” and phosphates by the hole from the skewer or tread binding of fish. It is the only way to prepare fish in the smokehouse.