Protein caviar

Protein caviar is a product that simulates the look and taste of the salmon and sturgeon caviar. The firstly such caviar appeared in the days of the Soviet Union. It was intended to make this delicacy available to everyone.

Nowadays the protein caviar is sold in the stores on an equal basis with the natural caviar. You may decorate your table, host tasty and beautiful breakfast parties lend variety to the daily diet without spending a lot of money.  Its price is more affordable than one of the natural caviar. You may purchase it in good supply and let it in your diet more often than natural caviar.


  • Protein in the caviar is easily assimilated. To achieve such results the enterprise applies the special long-time technology for marinating fish. This solution provides a number of significant advantages: the fibers become softer, the protein splits into amino acids essential for health and normal life. There are some amino acids, which the organism cannot produce itself.
  • The product includes pectin, which is used in medicine as a biologically active supplement, which helps clarification of the human organism. 
  • Protein caviar is prepackaged under vacuum   that guarantees the safety from penetration and development of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • It does not contain the animal protein (gelatin) and respectively, it is perfect even for those people who completely refrain from meat. 

The product has quite calories due to the carefully chosen components. The frequent consumption of the product may lead to the weight loss – a person begins to get thin. Agar, which is made from seaweeds and structured under a special technology, provides the organism with a sense of fullness. The form and shape of the sea eggs stimulate the high-speed passage of meals. It is a kind of massager for the human digestive system.

All of these features provide the uniqueness of our product, which has no analogue in the market today.

In doing VOMOND’s best, the protein caviar has acquired a good quality and affordable sale price.  Its original design and inviting packing have very quickly attracted the buyer to the shelves. Try this delicious available luxury for yourself!