Preserves are the salted, hermetically sealed fish products that are not subject to sterilization, it allows saving all vitamins and tastiness. To prevent the premature deterioration of the product we use a preserving agent in its manufacturing. The content of the preserving agent is strictly regulated by normative-technical documentation. BOMOND PE uses the Atlantic herring to prepare preserves.  

Fish preserves must have the nice taste and smell with juicy and chewy texture.

When the fish is prepared and packed into the plastic or glass containers, we pour it over with the oil or marinade with spices, herbs or vegetables.  The finished products shall be delivered to the shopping units by special vehicles equipped with a cooling system.

Salting is preserving the fish with the table salt. The salted fish is further used as a half-finished product for further marinating, smoking and drying or as an individual product as well.  During the salting process, the salt penetrates into muscle tissue of the fish and displaces moisture. As a result, the bacteria do not develop in the fish and the product stays fresh longer. 

We may permanently describe the benefits of eating fish. Therefore, start eating healthy food and fish will help you in it. Upon looking through the huge VOMOND product catalogue, you will likely find something useful and delicious for yourself. 


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