VOMOND   is a private enterprise which consolidates a variety of production and technological units for the manufacturing of protein caviar, fish pastes, fish and seaweed preserves in the unified organizational structure.

The manufacturing facility was established in the town of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast in1995. The enterprise has its own production premises with a total area of over 2,500 sq. m which were constructed in compliance with the sanitary requirements for the fish processing industry. The enterprise has the industrial, technological and measuring equipment, cold rooms as well as its own certified laboratory and specialized vehicles are available.

We are constantly increasing our production capacity and creating additional employment opportunities. Owning to the daily hard team work of our technologists and managers, systematic control of food quality and safety, splendid flavouring qualities, our products are in the great demand in the market.

VOMOND products are successfully traded through the representative offices both in all regions of Ukraine and abroad. Our products are marketed in many national trading networks (such as "Auchan", "Silpo", "Furshet", "Kolibris", "Fudmerezha", "Arsen", etc.), it is also supplied to the dining outlets.

The enterprise currently manufactures a range of products that is represented by more than 90 items and meets the requirements as to the quality and safety.

All VOMOND products are certified. In addition, since 2007 the quality control system and food safety management system have been implemented in the enterprise and they are effective now and certified with the National System of Certification Ukr SEPRO.

Flavouring qualities of our products, a guarantee of its quality and safety, a variety of packing options, a wide range and extensive distribution network give you a chance to choose the products which is dear to your taste.

The VOMOND fish products are the available luxury for everyone!  

Don't forget to take VOMOND products for your picnic!