To meet the consumers’ demands as to purchasing of the high-quality products, which are safe for life and health, in the best possible way VOMOND PE   performs the safety activities as follows:

  • the enterprise has implemented the food safety management system; there is a constant improvement  of the production process (of manufacturing the protein caviar, fish and seaweed preserves, smoked and dried fish);
  • the enterprise  complies with requirements of the national, international regulations and rules, consumers’ requirements as to the safety of the food products;
  • there is a permanent identification,   assessment and control of risks as to the safety of food products;
  • personal hygiene and industrial sanitation are to be observed strictly;
  • the qualified staff takes care of the food products;
  • there is a continuous modernization of the equipment; the modern material and technical base is applied;
  • the enterprise staff understands and supports the requirements as to providing guarantees of safety of our products;

VOMOND PE worries about our customers as well as takes care of the fresh and high quality products to be on their tables.