smoked fish

Among fish products, the highest popularity is occupied by smoked fish. Special aroma, unique taste qualities and attractive golden crust - such a product is never left out. In addition, such fish is a unique source of omega-3 fatty acids. They are necessary for the maintenance of acute vision and the functioning of the cardiovascular system. There is plenty of protein in this product - a substance - the building material of muscle tissue. The cooking technology does not involve the addition of fats, as when frying. In particular, there is no need to use vegetable oil. Hence - low calorie and fat content in foods, not exceeding the permissible norm.

Smoking as a type of heat treatment food has long been used. However, the preparation of modern smoked fish delicacies is not always used for the introduction of natural and safe technologies..

Modern smoking technologies

To date, several methods are used:

* hot smoking - smoke temperature in the range 80-170 °C;

* cold smoke treatment - the temperature is not higher 40 °C;

What is the danger of "liquid smoke"?

Some manufacturers introduce smokeless treatment with the use of special smoking liquids.

This method is difficult to call smoking. After all, the algorithm for processing fish is reduced to immersion in a special chemical substance (it is often called liquid smoke) basic raw materials. The chemical composition of this suspension allows for a minimum of time to give the product the desired taste and color. At the same time, the financial costs of such production are significantly reduced compared to hot and cold smoking. AND, it would seem, all right, if not the harmfulness of such a product. Between the arguments "against" – formation of oncogenic substances during such a process.

Unfortunately, the law does not prohibit "liquid smoke". More, it is often used, combining with natural smoking. That is why it is extremely important to carefully study the contents of the label and the composition of the product.

How to recognize "liquid smoke"?

Distinguish fish, prepared by such technology, easy. It is enough to use certain markers, as alert. In particular:

Too sharp smell. In fish, cooked "on firewood" – delicate, mild aroma.

Elasticity - from liquid smoke of fish fibers, not holding shape, are destroyed. If such a product is cut with a knife, it will look like porridge inside.

Weight. Fish after such processing becomes heavier in contrast to dense and dry after natural smoking.

What technologies does Womond use?

Only hot and cold smoking. No "liquid smoke" and chemicals. This ensures the unique characteristics of the fish, which in combination with environmentally friendly raw materials, in particular, hardwood trees, gives color saturation and tenderness of taste. And most importantly - this product is absolutely safe for humans and very useful.

Cold VS Hot smoked fish - which is better? You can argue endlessly. But there are no winners here. Because in fact the choice is always individual. It depends, what do you like best. And what about the benefits of the product? Both technologies retain unique characteristics, exquisite taste and aroma of smoked fish produced by Womond. AND, the main thing, – no "liquid smoke" and dangerous chemicals. Only environmentally friendly raw materials, modern technologies and the product is safe and useful for humans.


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