22Jun, 20

Everyone knows, that seaweed is good for health.

After all, seaweed is a valuable natural source of health and an extremely nutritious and useful product.. It includes all the necessary vitamins , micro and macro elements. The range of benefits of seaweed is very wide. Doctors consider seaweed an excellent remedy for thyroid dysfunction, because it is a source of iodine. Seaweed also removes toxins and radionuclides from the body. With regular use of this product, blood counts are normalized, reduces the risk of blood clots. The caloric content of seaweed is almost zero, total 5 Kcal …

22Jun, 20
Lightly salted red fish

Fish is an extremely useful product.

It contains all essential amino acids, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. A number of elements are also significant, necessary for the development and vital functions of the human body, contained in fish fillets. In particular, we are talking about B vitamins (V1, V2, B6, B12), vitamin PP, N, in small amounts of vitamin C., as well as fat-soluble vitamins A and D.. All of these components help to improve health and prolong human life. Therefore, fish products are an indispensable food product. Given the current cult of beauty and health, it is difficult to find more benefits …

22Jun, 20
Imitated caviar

The beneficial properties of imitated caviar are simply amazing.

This product is made in the ecologically clean region of the Carpathian Mountains. Its successful composition has a range of advantages. In particular, it is about: Fish Oil, which contains a high content of Omega 3; Alginate (seaweed extract, with the effect of fiber, that cleanses the intestines); Calcium (allows you to normalize metabolism and strengthen the bone system and muscle tissue); Natural salmon broth (rich in proteins and amino acids); Agar-agar (seaweed extract) helps control weight gain, gives a feeling of satiety in the stomach, has a slimming effect; Pectin (powerful enterosorb …