The manufacturing facility was established in 1995 in . Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Imitated caviar was the first product, produced by the company. This product, in fact, was the beginning of everything…

The idea of creating imitated caviar was the basis of the beginning of the enterprise. The beginning was difficult, but interesting. It is known, that the imitated caviar product was created to meet the growing demand for sturgeon caviar, the catch of which was banned due to a sharp decline in population.

Over time, began to produce an analogue of red caviar. At that time, this product was not manufactured in Ukraine and it was imported from a neighboring country. Also, having studied the demand and potential consumers,the owner of the company started production in. Kalush. Since then, the product has changed significantly both externally and in its taste. The first caviar was made on the basis of gelatin, and due to the unstable structure the production was seasonal. Therefore, over time, gelatin was replaced by a product of seaweed agar-agar, which in addition to a stable structure had an even greater consumer value in its properties. Continuous improvement , – this is the principle, that the company adheres to every day. Initially, the product was delivered on its own to local stores and wholesale bases, and since 1998 sales have begun to develop at the interregional level. In 2001 work began with national retail chains.

Since 2005 the company began to produce preserves from fish and seafood.

Since 2007 the company began to take an active part in international exhibitions.

Already in 2010 there were 3 production units: a workshop for making caviar, preserves and smoking.

Today the range includes about 70 product names and operate at the enterprise 4 units. The company has implemented a HACCP security system.

Since 2015 the company imports its product to Moldova, since 2018, – to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Poland.

The products of PE "VOMOND" are successfully sold, through representative offices as in all regions of Ukraine, and abroad. Our products are sold in many national retail chains (“Ashan”, “Sil'po”, “Furshet”, “ATB market”, “Fudmerezha” etc.), in addition, it is supplied to restaurants.